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INTENTION SHEET - Grade 9 2015-2016  
INTENTION SHEET - Grade 10 - 12 2015-2016

Community Service Documents
Community Involvement Booklet

Community Involvement Student Passport

College/University Information
Student Profile Summary
How to Apply to College
How to Apply to University 
Post- Secondary Presentation Schedule


If you need information about...

  • community service opportunities
  • night school or summer school courses
  • post-secondary institutions and applications
  • scholarships, awards and bursaries

Please see:

Mr. Townson or Mrs.Schellenberg or Mr. Bueckert 

If you...

  • have been identified with a learning disability
  • need help with a particular subject
  • need study or test-taking tips
  • need help getting caught up after an extended absence
  • want information about Homework Club

Please see:

Mr.MacIsaac or Mrs.Marr (Special Education Resource Teachers)

Student Services Resources

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