Choose one drug and answer the following questions.

(Can work by yourself or in partners)

Assignment is to be typed in essay format with a title page and a

Bibliography. (Marked out of 10)

1. Give a description of the drug. Give the history of the drug.

    Where it comes from? How it is used? ( /5)

2. What are the physical effects on the body as a result of using

    the drug? (Short term and long term effects) ( /5)

3. What are the possible social consequences of drug use on the

    person? (eg. family problems, friends, school, work, etc.)

     ( /3)

4. What are the emotional effects on the person who is using the

    drug? ( /3)

5. What does a person do to obtain his drugs if he is addicted to

    the drug? ( /2)

6. Describe all the different types of treatments that are

    available to help a person overcome his addiction to different

    drugs. ( /5)

7. In a short paragraph describe how you personally feel about the

    use of drugs by people in our society. ( /2)

8. Develop a pamphlet to help promote society to be drug free. ( /15)



DUE DATE: May 6, 2016