Before a wedding there seem to be a thousand and one things to take care of and some are very obvious, but others are likely to be forgotten. Instead of going about it in a haphazard way, draw up a list of things that need to be done. This will relieve your mind of the anxiety of wondering whether or not anything has been left out.

Assignment #1

Plan your wedding. List all the things that need to be done from the time you become engaged to the time you leave for your honeymoon. Include a budget for your wedding. (You must include references from where you received your information.)

Assignment #2

You have recently been married and are beginning your life together. You have a job and your gross income for the year is 34,500.00 (2875.00 per month). Your wife/husband is not working.


1.       You may work with someone of the opposite sex or by yourself. You will set up a budget outlining how you will spend your money? The following general headings may serve as a guide for your budget. Housing, food, clothing, recreation, running expenses such as transportation, insurances, telephone, etc.; Miscellaneous expenses such as additional furniture, cosmetics, newspapers, etc.; and savings. There are other headings which have not been mentioned which you need to include. The budget will be set up for a one month period. You will need to back up your prices with advertisements from newspapers, quotes from insurance companies, etc. (may get information from the Internet).


2.       Discuss what some of the problems that you faced in setting up your budget?


3.       Discuss what you have learned most about this exercise?




DUE:    March 28, 2016