Physical and Health Education Summative Take-Home Exam

                                                Due: May 24, 2016

Dear Parent/ Guardian:

The theme of the grade 9 Physical and Health Education course is Healthy Active Living. This

take-home exam will deal with approaches to Healthy Active Living as studied in class this

semester, and it will provide a personal plan for achieving a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Please read this outline carefully. Remember this part of the exam is worth 10% of their final

mark. We hope that you will encourage your son or daughter to complete it to the best of his or

her ability. Please sign and detach the form below and have your son/daughter return it to their

teacher. Your signature indicates that you have read the guidelines and instructions on the next


Eden High School Physical Education Department


Name of Student:

I have read the instructions for the take-home exam and I understand that it will be worth

10% of my final mark in Physical and Health Education.


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                        Grade 9 Physical and Health Education Take-Home Exam

                                                     Due: May 24, 2016


1. Identify, define and explain the major components of physical fitness:

     Cardiorespiratory, muscular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility.

     Provide three (3) appropriate activities or exercises that will improve each area of fitness.

     Provide three (3) pictures for each of the above (12) pictures from magazines or articles

     which help to develop these four areas of fitness.

2. Design a personal fitness plan for yourself on a one week chart. Explain how each of the

     fitness areas would be improved as a result of your personal fitness program.

PART B: Magazine Feature Assignment

3.   You have been invited to be a guest writer for a popular teen magazine. Your assignment is

      to respond to letters that readers have sent in. The magazine publishes helpful information for

      teenagers.  This month, the editor has asked you to respond to a letter from a distraught

      adolescent who has a substance abuse problem. Your task is to give advice to help the

      troubled youth. Your letter of response should discuss the effects of peer and media

      pressure. It must also heighten the teenager’s awareness of his or her decision-making and assertion skills.

      As part of your assignment, you are to include an information section on the

      abused drug. Community and school resources need to be identified within this section.

      In summary, your assignment is to include the original teen letter, a response letter, and the

      drug information section.



Side by Side Magazine Layout


                                                Page 1                                                                    Page 2

 Letter from Teen











 Response Letter: 


- discuss the effects of peer and media pressure

- give advice on decision making and assertion skills






  Drug Information Section


- street names of drug

- description: how drug is taken

- effects of drug

- myths

- legal status

- school/community resources




Letter from Teen


 Dear Teen Editor,


I am writing this letter to you because I don't know what to do.  I am really scared that my use of                     

is out of control.  I feel pressured by my friends to be part of the drug scene.  I see people in the media using drugs for pleasure.  When I'm high on drugs, I forget all my problems and school is unimportant.  I've dropped out of sports and I do whatever I can to get money for my drugs.  I read your column and know you talk straight to teenagers.  Can you help me?





Appendix 2


                              Drug Information Organizer


 Drug name & street names of drug:




 Description & how drug is taken:





 Short  term effects:





 Long term effects:










 Legal status/consequences (in Canada):





 School/community resources: